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Bernadette Flynn, ADCRG. 6-time World Champion


Post feis sock glue syndrome 

It’s deadly


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Kathleen Maguire-O’Shea, Kavanagh School London. Senior Ladies World Champion 1971, 1972, 1973.

Yoooo let me tell you a lil something about KATHLEEN O’SHEA
Won the first CLRG World Championships ever held, so that’s pretty cool. Oh but did I mention she won while doing Planxty DAVIS speed 76??? Because that set is forever long and actually impossible
Also she co-owns the legendary Maguire-O’Shea Academy in London with her husband. Their school has produced dozens of world champs an countless world medal holders, including Simona Mauriello of Loretta’s Dresses and JIG fame.
Also ALSO, all six of her own kids placed top 10 in the world, 5 of them went on to dance with Riverdance, 3 of them went on to get their own teaching certifications (shout out to Daz and our beloved Maguire Academy of Texas/Arizona), and one has gone on to a moderately successful acting career (what up Meet the Spartans)
Also also ALSO, in 2006 she and her youngest daughter Ellie (who is such a lovely person) became the first mother-daughter duo to both win the world championships.
This woman is an absolute monster and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. She’s an Irish dance legend in every sense of the word and also Darren’s mom so we love her the end

The first Worlds was held in 1970 so Kathleen wasn’t quite the first person to win it. She was the first person to win senior ladies three times in a row though, and one of only a very few people to win multiple titles in seniors. This was in the days when senior was o17 as well - not o21, not o20 - over 17.
Ellie won her first World in 1999 which is when they became the first mother/daughter to win. She also won in 04, and her third title in 2006 made her and Kathleen not only the first mother-daughter to win the worlds (and still the only pair to achieve this) but the first and only mother-daughter to win three titles each.

Just saying.


Shannon Umhafer in a stunning new dress
and Claire’s old dress found a beautiful new home

Wow that’s so different from anything else I’ve seen!